What kind of ground can the electric sweeper clean?


I have experienced the blossoming claws of Cobos. The b […]

I have experienced the blossoming claws of Cobos. The blossoming is sensitive, the obstacle avoidance is very fast, the small garbage that the ground can suck it can be sucked in, etc. Of course, it also has some places to be perfected, but now It is already a great effort to make the home service robots look like this in the stage! It is a very cool thing to have a sweeper to help sweep the floor. In comparison, blossoming is a very worthwhile sweeper, and it really helps everyone to enjoy the clean space.
For a very simple example, blossoming on the sofa, the table will turn, not very bumpy ~ biscuit crumbs, melon seeds, beans, dust, hair can be sucked in, open the sweeper every day, it will work on its own Then just drop the dust box once a week. Previously, because in the home service robot industry, there were few brands to advertise or find celebrity endorsements, so many people are not familiar with it. But this year is good, Cobos signed Zhong Hanliang as a spokesperson~China Wholesale Cordless Manufacturers