What is the difference between a cleaner and a sweeper?


A portable cleaner sometimes called a vacume cleaner is […]

A portable cleaner sometimes called a vacume cleaner is a self contained portable device powered from a household electrical outlet or socket via a trailing cable, or from its own rechargeable batteries, the device produces a powerful suction which cleans carpets and hard floors of house dust dust mites and other small items from the floor or from furniture or from inside your car .

They are portable can be moved from room to room China Intelligent robot vacuum cleaners Factorycontains a powerful electric moter, the device can have a flexable hose with a cleaner head or some types have the cleaner head directly connected to the body of the device via a removable tube (Dyson stick cleaner)

House dust sucked up from the floor is held in either a disposable bag or in a cylinder for disposal with the trash.

A carpet sweeper uses a cylinder shaped beater bar containing small built in brushes, the sweeper can be self powered pushed over the floor or carpets or electrically poweredElectric Floor Sweepers Suppliers known as an upright vacume, the beater bar rotates at speed powered by an electric motor and in conjuction with a built in suction device cleans the carpets.