To clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner, do you need to mop first?


When cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner, you need […]

When cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner, you need to mop the ground first.

1. Use a flatbed to clean the dust on the floor. This is the same as what I saw abroad. They also use a flat tow. The slight difference is that they use a thick fiber, a very strong scarf, and a product with an adsorption effect. The specific method is: the dry roving wipe is clipped on the flat plate, some dust adsorbent is sprayed on the wipe, and then theChina Stick Vacuums Cleaners surface of the floor is wiped, and the hair and dust are absorbed into the roving wipe. After finishing, remove the wipes, wash them in the pool, and dry them for use. No detergent is required throughout the process. Because no matter which kind of detergent is used, the floor surface will be more or less tarnished.

Second, the floor cleaner related to floor cleaners, has not been specifically suitable for home operation, and is suitable for use on solid wood floor cleaners (most detergents need to be diluted with water, and need to cooperate with related equipment). Therefore, floor cleaners are mainly used on engineering floors that are not sensitive to acid and alkali and water soaking, such as plastic flooring.

Third, the floor waxing By reading the "product description" of the floor wax, most customers will get the conclusion that once the floor wax is used, it can achieve: cleaning, protection, glazing, curing, repair and many other effects. To be precise, the main role of floor waxing is protection. In view of the continuous enhancement of the floor's own protection functions, such as laminate flooring or laminate flooring, the demand for protection functions is already close to zero. Only solid wood flooring has protection needs. Like the cleaning effect, I believe that the waxed floor is much harder to clean than the unwaxed floor; as for the maintenance and repair function, it is the natural curing wax and repair product, which is not the ordinary floor wax. The function.

Fourth, the use of water to clean this method is definitely a harm and no benefit. However, most households who have paved wood flooring have chosen to use the cleaning company to clean. No way, I know that these cleaning companies use wet mops to clean the way, but it is convenient. Only ask yourself if you have learned a better way.

5. Wipe with a dry towel This method belongs to those who have a soft spot for solid wood flooring. Most of them are very careful in the maintenance of the floor. Its operation is far from being a daily cleaning. The specific method is cumbersome and will not be described in detail here.

6. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner Since the brush head of the vacuum cleaner is difficult to achieve the desired effect when cleaning the edge of the solid wood floor, there are not many people who use this method for a long time.