The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association


TACCA is a new trade association for UK carpet cleaners […]

TACCA is a new trade association for UK carpet cleaners that was formed in 2011 by a group of extremely passionate carpet cleaners, dedicated to raising the public profile of the profession.
United Kingdom, April 04,2014/ -- The founding members of TACCA come from a variety of locations across the UK. They began by having online discussions about how to change the public opinions about carpet cleaning. TACCA wanted to find a means of educating the public about the problems of certain carpet cleaning methods, and also to demonstrate the value for money they get when choosing carpet cleaners whoVacuums Cleaners Factory know what they are doing. Together they put together a request to find like-minded carpet cleaners who could join together to make a difference and take on the inferior carpet cleaning alternatives out there. Within a couple of weeks of launching their website, TACCA quickly gained over a hundred members, and many other carpets cleaners registered their interest in joining the site.In order to maintain quality, however, members must meet TACCA's criteria. These include: having a hot water extraction machine with a minimum extraction pressure power and twin vacuums, owning at least one rotary machine, some form of mechanical agitation, full insurance and at least two forms of recognised training. If your business meets these requirements then you can apply online via TACCA's website.

If approved, your business will be given a business profile page on TACCA's website. This has many benefits including a link to your website and space for an in-depth description of your business and the services you provide. As well as space for business photos and a logo, there is even the option to post a Youtube video advertising your business. Customers will be able to comment and leave reviews of your business on this page and it is an excellent way for potential customers to be able to get into contact with you. On top of this there are other membership benefits such as access to our secure members-only forums, press release submission facilities and access to informative community articles and news.