talk about the small method of cleaning


Nowadays, many families are covered with carpets. After […]

Nowadays, many families are covered with carpets. After a long time, they need to be cleaned and maintained. Today, Xiaobian came to talk about the small method of cleaning and maintenance of carpets. Let’s take a look!

   Method one, keep the carpet clean

    1. Vacuum regularly. Buy a good vacuum cleaner, suck the dust from the depth of the carpet fiber, and vacuum it several times a week. If you have a kitten and puppy in your home, you should vacuum your day.

    2. Protect the carpet's heavy-duty area. If your carpet extends to stick vacuum cleanerareas that are often passed through the front door, kitchen or other areas, consider using a small piece of carpet or a plastic cushion to protect these areas. This way you don't have to work hard every day.

    3. If you don't sprinkle the soup or drink on the carpet, clean it up immediately. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to absorb it, then pour the baking powder into the dirty area for 15 minutes. When the soup is completely dry, clean it with a vacuum cleaner. If sprinkled with wine or other colored liquid, add a little soda before sprinkling the baking powder.

    4. The correct method is needed to remove old stains. Sometimes, what are you doing with old wine or coffee stains? Spray the turbid area with a spray bottle filled with vinegar and wipe with a cloth. For deeper stains, use vinegar or carpet cleaner to soak the stains, sprinkle the baking powder, and when the baking powder is dry, use a vacuum cleaner.

    Method 2, the step of removing the odor in the carpet

    1. Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Thoroughly clean the carpet wireless vacuum cleanerwith a vacuum cleaner to prepare for the removal of the odor.

    2. Make an odor removal mixture. Mix the following materials in a bowl: 1 cup borax (available in hardware stores), 2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup baking powder

    3. Treat stains or odor areas with vinegar and water. Fill half of the vinegar and half of the water in the spray bottle and spray it where it needs to be treated. Be careful not to get completely wet, as it may be moldy.

    4. Put the odor removal mixture prepared above into the spray bottle, spray the carpet evenly, and concentrate on the dirtier or stinky place. Then leave the room and let the mixture rest on the carpet for an hour.

    5. Clean again with a vacuum cleaner. Clean the oatmeal mixture by using a vacuum cleaner several times on the carpet. When you are done, throw away the vacuum bag.

    Method three, deep cleaning carpet

    1. There are carpet cleaners available on the market today. If you don't have money, you can buy one. The deepest stains on the carpet and the most stubborn odors can be removed by a carpet cleaner that uses hot water and chemical cleaners to clean the fibers on the carpet.

    2. If you don't have a machine, you can also wash it by hand. The method is: first hang or tiling the carpet, dusting with a vacuum cleaner or a broom, and then using the high-foaming detergent for the released carpet, while cleaning, combing with a large tooth comb, and finally rinsing with water. If there is a water absorbing machine during drying, the absorbing machine can suck the carpet and dry it naturally without a water absorbing machine.

    Little experience in carpet maintenance:

    1, in addition to scorch marks. If the carpet is burnt inadvertently, you can first brush the burnt area with a hard brush. Then cut off the rest of the carpet and stick it to the burnt area with adhesive. Press on a book and wait for the adhesive to dry naturally. Finally, gently comb with a brush.

    2. Regain the bright colors of the blanket. On the first night, spread the salt on the carpet with the salt. The next day, remove the salt with a clean warm rag and the carpet will return to a bright color.

    3. Go to animal oil stains. You can wipe it with cotton with high purity gasoline.

    4, juice, beer stains. First wash the detergent solution with a soft cloth, then scrub with warm water and a little vinegar solution.

    5, daily brushing method. It is usually possible to use a rolling brush to comb the felt, brush up the dust or adhesive dirt, and vacuum the vacuum cleaner.

    6, regular cleaning. Usually, the carpets of frequent pedestrians should be prepared for the foaming machine and cleaned regularly with a dry foam cleaning method to remove dirt.