Recently, the two videos of "Coke and vacuum


Recently, the two videos of "Coke and vacuum cleaners c […]

Recently, the two videos of "Coke and vacuum cleaners can extinguish the fire" have been rumored by netizens. In the first video, a man sprinkled gasoline on the ground and ignited it to create a burning area of ​​about 1 square meter. Subsequently, he turned on the vacuum cleaner and swept back and forth in the fire position, and the flame gradually disappeared. In another video, a person took out a bottle of cola, swayed it and squirted the bottle to the side of the flame, and successfully extinguished the fire.

Is cola and vacuum cleaner really a "fire extinguisher"? Recently, many fire departments have blamed this. The two methods of fire suppression are very limited. Actual operation may also bring danger. It is not recommended that netizens take such measures when they encounter a fire.

Not long ago, Beijing TV’s “Life at This Moment” program specifically tested whether “vacuum cleaners can extinguish fire”. The firefighters at the scene opened the vacuum cleaner and aligned with a flame isolated from the ground for adsorption. The result showed that the head of the vacuum cleaner was quickly burnt, and the hose at the interface was damaged by the high temperature. The vacuum cleaner could not extinguish the flame. .

The professional of the Beijing Fengtai Fire Brigade speculated that the vacuum cleaner in the network video can extinguish the fire becausehousehold vacuum cleaner  it can suck the combustibles into the machine, partially reducing the surface of the flame and nearby combustibles, thus playing a role in extinguishing the fire. But in fact, the use of vacuum cleaners is not efficient. Even if it is a fire, there is no way to extinguish it quickly, and the vacuum cleaner itself cannot withstand high temperatures, which may be dangerous. If you face a slightly larger fire, the vacuum cleaner may not work at all.

In response to the saying that "Coke can extinguishHandheld Vacuum Cleaners Manufacturers  fire", the Hangzhou Fire Brigade squadron has also conducted experiments before. Firefighters prepared 1.5 liters of cola, waste newspapers, and gasoline to simulate two different types of fire. After the experiment began, the firefighters first ignited the mixture of clothing and paper, then began to shake the Coke bottle, and then quickly aligned with the fire source, and the cola that was ejected quickly extinguished the flame. Subsequently, the firefighter simulated a small oil fire on the ground, then shaken a bottle of the same cola and squirted it against the root of the flame, but at the moment the cola and the flame contacted, the flame at the scene suddenly rose, gasoline Not only has the burning range not shrunk, but it has expanded along with the flow of cola, and the fire has not decreased. Finally, the firefighters had to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher prepared by the side.

Although the cola fire extinguishing method seems to be feasible, the fire department does not recommend this method of fire fighting. The firefighters of the Hangzhou Fire Brigade explained that the carbonated beverage will overflow with carbon dioxide gas after being shaken violently. In a limited space in the bottle, the liquid is squeezed by the gas, and after opening the bottle cap, it will be sprayed into a foam water column to achieve the fire extinguishing effect. . However, cola is not a universal fire extinguishing agent. Oil-extinguishing fires are suitable for sand and foam covering. If a liquid such as cola is used to extinguish the fire, once the hooligans will accelerate the spread of the fire and make the fire difficult to control, it is impossible to use cola to extinguish the fire.

In this regard, the National Emergency Management Department fire department "@中国消防" also issued a microblogging reminder: online rumors "Coke can fire", in fact, cola fire success or not, with the size of the fire, burning substances, cola capacity, jet strength, angle, etc. All have a relationship. Coke fire fighting is a small probability event. Do not try, choose the right fire extinguishing agent and tools when extinguishing fire.

So, how to prepare for a sudden fire in daily life? Li Zhuo, director of the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Fire Brigade, said in an interview with the media that compared with the limited fire-fighting tools such as cola and vacuum cleaners, it is recommended that residents should have some household fire extinguishers in their homes to extinguish some of the fires that have just occurred. Residents can also purchase some smoke masks. If there is a fire in another family in the building, they can wear a mask to prevent danger during escape. If the fire is large, it is necessary to call the police in time to be rescued by professional firefighters.