Most Indian households do not have access


Most Indian households do not have access to regular po […]

Most Indian households do not have access to regular power supply. the erratic power cut offs remain one of the top reasons why many Indians averse to having electrical equipments employed for their daily chores

->Many Indians see Mopping as a form of physical exercise to keep themselves fit where cleanliness comes as an added perk.

->The households which do have vacuum cleaners China household vacuum cleaners seldom use it. This, I believe, is the Indian tendency to keep any appliance as new as possible for the longest time. Remember, your new car with it seats wrapped up with polythene for months?
These generally are those who purchase vacuum cleaners just for the sake of owning one.

->Vacuum cleaners are expensive

->Usually urban households have maids for cleaning purpose. Getting a vacuum cleaner or allowing the maid to use one is seen as a loss. Apparently the maid is paid for her physical labour minus any assistance from these appliances. That's how you're supposed to get your money's worth. Sad but true!

->Some avoid using them frequently to cut down on their electricity bills

->And yes, many homemakers feel that vacuum cleaners are not as efficient as a mop coupled with a bucket full of water. According to them, mop Electric Brooms Suppliers reaches every nook and corner, where the cleaners fail to reach.

-> And lastly, there are many people who just are wary of any technology to take over their daily drills. According to them, these are the reasons why the newer generations have become lazy. Believe me, I've met many who can keep going on about all the disadvantages of the technological advancements.