How long does a smart sweeper last?


In general, the life of the robot is 2-5 years. If the […]

In general, the life of the robot is 2-5 years. If the operation is normal, if it is properly maintained, it can be used for a long time. Sweeping robots are more and more accepted by many families, but to buy sweeping robots, you must learn more, buy according to the actual situation, and share some shopping tips:
1, intelligent positioning
The hamster sweeping robot uses a new generation of scanning technology. The built-in camera and indoor GPS navigation can detect and analyze the ground environment. The wireless carrier probe and 360° rotating optical components can emit light waves, and the obstacles are measured according to the time and speed of light returning. The distance of the object changes, and the coordinates are located, so that the cleaning area that the sweeping robot can understand independently can be constructed.China sweeping machine manufacturers
2, intelligent planning route
Many sweeping robots are not intelligent, mainly reflected in the random cleaning route during cleaning, and there is no certain cleaning area, which leads to repeated cleaning, and some places cannot be cleaned. The hamster sweeping robot has an intelligent control chip and a Smart move path planning system to realize memory distance and position information to plan the path. Path planning can significantly reduce repeated cleaning, avoiding sweeps and achieving high coverage in a short period of time.
3, intelligent defense line winding off
During the working process of the sweeping robot, it is very likely that the winding of the thin wire will be encountered, resulting in the sweeping robot not working properly. No one wants to "save" it during the cleaning process. In order to solve this problem, the squirrel sweeping robot is equipped with a two-color smart universal wheel, and the running sensitivity of the textured universal wheel is increased by 15%, and the infrared sensor is arranged inside the universal wheel when it senses obstacles. When the object or the thin wire is wound, it will decelerate and run by itself, and it will turn off and get rid of it.
4, intelligent anti-collision
The squirrel sweeping robot is equipped with an intelligent anti-collision system. During the walking process, it can maintain an agile state, and can quickly detect and identify the surrounding environment and obstacles. When encountering furniture and obstacles, the buffer program is activated in time. Touch and automatically turn to avoid collisions.