How good is a handheld vacuum cleaner for house cleaning?


It is all in relation in how much space you have and wh […]

It is all in relation in how much space you have and what you think you want to clean. I have both a handheld vacuum and a canister vacuum. Both are relatively cheap and then I got it on sale for even less. I even have a vacuum more suited for carpet that I got for my daughter, but eventually she returned it for lack of use.;( Think under $100 for all three vacuums.

Every one has its uses. I ripped out all the carpet in my condo and replacedhandheld vacuum cleaner it with hardwood floors. I use the canister vacuum for the rugs and cloth furniture with suitable attachments.

I use the handheld vacuum for spot messes. I eat some nuts and get some stray shells and bits on the floor around me. That’s the job ideally suited to a handheld vacuum. There is no assembly required as for the bigger vacuum, or disassembly if the bigger vac has all the attachments already in place.

So there you have it. It is all a matter of convenience. Do you have the space for a vacuum or vacuums? Will you use them? Will it do the job to your satisfaction? Do you have the money for them?