How do vacuum cleaners operate and function


The way a vacuum cleaner works is quite similar to the […]

The way a vacuum cleaner works is quite similar to the way a straw works. When you sip fluid through the help of a straw the events which take place as a result are what happen in a vacuum cleaner. In case of a straw when you suck fluid from it, the pressure drops in the lower portion of the straw; when the Vacuums Cleaners Factorypressure is lower in the lower portion than in the upper portion, the fluid automatically comes upwards and is thus pushed inside your mouth.

This is the same technology that is used in a vacuum cleaner. The only difference is that in case of a vacuum cleaner the process is a bit more complicated.

Now let us explain the things vacuum cleaners have to do in order to suck out the dirt and dust from a place. The design of a vacuum cleaner is simple but the way a person handles it varies, and with that varies the type of work which the vacuum cleaner can deliver.

When you plug in your vacuum cleaner and try to make it work the following things take place:

1. The electric motor of the vacuum cleaner operates the motor. This motor is attached to a fan with blades that look like the propelling blades of an airplane.

2. When the fan blades are turned on, the air is forced in the direction of the exhaust port.

3. The air particles are forced forward, and the density of these particles rises in front of the fan and becomes less behind the fan.

The pressure drop that is experienced by the vacuum cleaner in this situation is quite similar to the pressure that is seen in case of a straw when fluid from a straw is sucked into the mouth. Here, in case of the vacuum cleaner, an ambient pressure situation is created. The pressure level in the region behind the angled fans drops.

Since this pressure level is lower than the pressure level outside of the vacuum cleaner, a suction vacuum is created inside the cleaner which forces the dirt and dust inside. The air is pushed in the vacuum cleaner because the pressure inside is lower than the pressure outside. Till the time the fan of the vacuum cleaner is moving, the air will be forced inside and the dust particles will be carried along.

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