How do I check whether a vacuum cleaner is worth buying or not?


There countless vacuum cleaner models/types out there i […]

There countless vacuum cleaner models/types out there in the market today which are all marketed as the best, so, how do you know if the vacuum cleaner you are about to buy is worth it? Here are some important factors to consider;

a. Type

The best vacuum cleaner for you is one that gives you value for your money and for this to happen, you have to choose a vacuum cleaner type that matches your needs. For instance, if you have lots of rugs or you have a wall-to-wall carpet, an upright vacuum cleaner will be perfect for you because such vacuum cleaners have a wider cleaning swath. Upright vacuum cleaners are also great for deep cleaning. If you have lots of stairs, tile, laminate or hardwood floors, a canister vacuum cleaner will serve you just fine. Canister vacuum cleaners are easy to maneuver and great for cleaning bare floors.Vacuums Cleaners Factory

Stick vacuum cleaners are great for light tasks which require quick attention. Robotic vacuum cleaners are great for monitored cleaning sessions. Central vacuum cleaners are great if you don’t want to keep pulling a vacuum body along while you clean. In a nutshell, the best vacuum cleaner worth buying should match your needs first. It should be the right type of vacuum cleaner for you.

b. Filtration

After considering the type, it’s time to go deeper and consider factors like filtration. A vacuum cleaner is worth every penny it costs if it filters allergens completely as well as dust particles that measure less than 0.3microns in size. Of course, you need to consider other factors, but the filtration has to be perfect.

c. Maintenance (bag or bagless vacuum cleaner?)

The best vacuum cleaners are bagless which simply means you don’t need to keep buying bags to use the vacuum cleaner. It’s worth noting that vacuum cleaners with bags are usually cheaper because you need to keep buying bags. In the end, the cleaners end up being more expensive and offering you less value for your money. Bagless vacuum cleaners are easier to maintain especially those that have dirt cups that empty from the bottom automatically.

d. Warranty

This goes without saying. You should never buy any appliance, let alone a vacuum cleaner, that doesn’t come with a warranty. A warranty is a testament of quality. Appliances that come with warranties rarely break down and if they do, the manufacturer covers the repairs. Any vacuum cleaner with a 1-year warranty and above is worth buying. It’s also worth noting that a longer warranty is always better.

e. Extras

You should also consider the extras that come with a vacuum cleaner before you decide if the vacuum cleaner is worth buying or not. The best vacuum cleaners come with plenty of extras i.e. extra nozzles, brushes, crevice tools, etc. that make cleaning seamless and thorough.