Household vacuum cleaner is good or wireless


Charging is wireless, wireless vacuum cleaner is relati […]

Charging is wireless, wireless vacuum cleaner is relatively convenient for cable, which can be sucked, not limited by the power cord, but the battery is a weak link, pay attention to when choosing. The cable has a long service life and a large suction force, which means that the use area is small and troublesome.
The suction of the first vacuum cleaner is not strong.wireless vacuum cleaners Suppliers
The maximum suction rate of a rechargeable vacuum cleaner is only 15-20W.
The minimum plug-in can reach more than 150W, generally higher than 300W can reach more than 400W.
Therefore, it is impossible to use a vacuum cleaner to suck large garbage, but it is no problem to suck dust.
2. In terms of usage time, the wireless usage time seems to be around 15-20 minutes. This is still a bit exaggerated by the manufacturer. The actual time may be short, usually 10-15 minutes. So it is recommended to buy a set of 2 groups. The battery can be doubled in time.
3. If the home and the car are used together, it is best to buy a high-power, long standby model.