I used the roombar of iRobot for about


For the sweeping robot, I used the roombar of iRobot fo […]

For the sweeping robot, I used the roombar of iRobot for about a while around 2010. At that time, there were not many domestic similar products, and the family was very curious about this long thing like a big cake.

At that time, Roomba gave me the impression that I still used it as a toy. A circular vacuum cleaner that would move to the ground. In the house of Beijing, where it could not be moved, Roomba can put most of the dust and hair. Small objects are cleaned.

However, in my mother's eyes, the cleaning of the robot to clean the room is probably not as good as the strength of the broom.So I used it for two times and was sealed in the box, never opened again.
The last time I used (see) such a product, I still used it to edit the robot with the first generation Mijia, and turned over the bowl of my cat drinking water. Compared with the previous generation, the stone sweeping robot has not changed much in shape. It is obvious that the two function keys on the top of the fuselage have become three. The back button and the partial sweep button finally have their own independent position. Compared with the previous generation ofChina Vacuums Cleaners Manufacturers the same button, short press back, long press local cleaning is too convenient.

In addition, the stone sweeping robot adds anti-collision soft rubber to the collision bumper, which is very intimate for users who are both distressed wall-top home and distressed to sweep the robot, avoiding the touch of plastic body and other objects. .
Another major change is that this sweeping robot also has the ability to mopping the floor. A mooring module is installed under the fuselage. Although there is one more module in the fuselage, the volume of the whole machine is the same as that of the previous generation. There is not much difference between them.

The size of the stone sweeping robot is 353x350x96.5mm, and the size of the previous generation Mijia sweeping robot is 345x345x96mm, which almost keeps the figure.
How about the mopping function?
The stone sweeping robot is no longer a vacuum cleaner that moves, it also has the function of mopping the floor. So as soon as I came up, I also tested this newly added mopping function. First of all, from the perspective of the structure of the device, it is only necessary to push along the rear of the host and the logo on the module in parallel.  When disassembling, just press the buckle to the inside with both hands, and push it outwards to remove the module. The disassembly action is effortless. Before using the mopping function, the mold needs to be assembled with water. The main body of the mopping module is a water tank. When filling the water, the water tank cover needs to be opened. The water can be directly poured through the water pipe. After filling the water, the module is tested and shaken. There will be no water leakage. The mop under the water tank is fixed by sticking and sliding on the straight end of the water tank. The advantage of fixing in two ways is that the mop is not easily entangled in the mopping mode, so it can be said that it is more thoughtful. After the water tank filled with water is installed on the fuselage, the water in the tank slowly penetrates the mop through the two filters at the bottom. In the mopping mode, from the water mark after the stone sweeping robot on the floor is dragged, the water content of the mop is relatively uniform, and the cleaning area covered is relatively large.

There was no excessive water leakage during the experience, and the water overflowed from the filter only by shaking when the device was moving. In addition, it is best to remove the mopping module during charging to avoid tidal floors, especially wooden floors. From the cleaning effect of the mopping mode, if there is only dust or other dust on the floor in the home, it can achieve a relatively clean effect after cleaning, but if it is a stain that is relatively sticky or attached to the ground for a long time, the cleaning effect is not very good. Ideal.

It may be because the equipment itself does not have the ability to press down, and the mopping floor itself has to have a large friction to wipe off the stains that have been attached to the floor for a long time. In addition, the function that most sweeping robots have been missing is Continue to clean up a dirty spot.

For example, in a kitchen, it is normal to have some oily or sticky stains on the ground. At this time, after sweeping the robot, I may have to drag it again.

But in general, the mopping ability of the stone sweeping robot has made me more satisfied. When no one in the family is willing to mop the ground, it is still possible to call the robot to sweep the ground. However, if you want to thoroughly clean it, now any one of them is the same. The product has not yet reached the level of replacing hardworking hands.